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Volunteers touching the hearts and minds of orphans in Guinea (West Africa)

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, our two volunteers, Alseny and Mariama Balde, found a calling to provide help to orphanages in the city of Labe in Guinea

(West Africa). The volunteers were moved to know that the local orphanages were supporting orphans and rejected kids with minimum resources. Alseny and Mariama took special interests to work closely with the foundation’s President, Amber Briscoe, to raise funds, buy school/arts supplies and arrange lesson plans in French. During their visit to the local orphanages in Guniea, both Alseny and Mariama distributed hundreds of school and art supplies and immersed themselves with the kids by teaching them the value of STEM education, good mental and physical health and the importance of staying positive and have a willingness to serve others. Alseny and Mariama had a very humbling experience filled with joy witnessing first-hand how they were able to bring smiles to the many faces of distressed children.

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