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Special Visit to Longview School

On October 21st, the foundation volunteers visited the Longview school, which specializes in education for students with severe disabilities.  This is a local school in Montgomery County Maryland and embedded in Matsunaga Elementary School.  There are over sixty students ranging from 5 – 21 years old that benefit from attending Longview school for the specialty program it offers.  Our volunteers were amazed by the school facility and the staff’s enthusiasm when it came time to meet and deliver over 100 art kits with Halloween/Fall based themes.  Our special regards to Ms. Courtney for taking the time to explain about the Longview program and how the school would utilize all donations made by the foundation.  With government funding challenges impacting the mission of Longview, the Foundation will be seeking  opportunities to supply Longview with additional arts and STEM related kits by the end of this calendar year.

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