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It was truly an honor to support the Tacy Foundation, “Inspiring Hope, Note by Note”!

The Arts-n-STEM4Hearts foundation donated large crosswords puzzle books, pencils, fall-themed and Thanksgiving coloring and art kits, craft trays, crafting tapes, 80 sets of four packs of cards/envelops, and a cash donation of $100.00 to support various programs offered by the Tacy Foundation.

The Tacy Foundation is an educational and philanthropic organization that empowers and promotes opportunities for youth philanthropy and development by offering music and story programs that create intergenerational connections, contribute to community transformation, and support the common good. The Tacy Foundation empowers children and teens in the Nation's Capital and surrounding areas to share hope with hospital patients, senior citizens, and disadvantaged youth through the power of music. The Tacy Foundation provides youth volunteers for participation in programs such as:

· Music Mentoring Program: Piano Pals & Guitar Pals

· Live Music Performance at local hospitals, senior facilities, and nursing homes

· YouTube Tacy Foundation Private Playlists on QR codes

· Reading Express

· Composer’s circle, etc.

For volunteer opportunities, please contact: or visit the foundation’s website (

Amber Briscoe’s testimony:

In January 2015, I was privileged to join the Tacy Foundation as a volunteer. One of my most profound memories as a volunteer was the very first time, I played piano at Shady Grove Hospital. I was sitting on the bench in the echoing lobby, watching the doctors, nurses and patients move through the hospital with subtle glances in my direction. I remembered feeling so nervous. I mustered the courage to press the keys and I began playing Bach’s Prelude in C major. When I had finished playing, I realized a small crowd of people had gathered to watch me play. Their warm smiles and applause showed me how much my playing had meant to them. I learned that music had the power to bring serenity, joy and healing even in a hospital, a place known for pain and suffering. Being a part of the Tacy Foundation has given me the opportunity to use my unique gifts to make a difference in my community and I have been able to firsthand witness the joy music brings in the lives of others. I have witnessed simple acts of kindness making powerful impacts, and this was evident every time I saw the smiling patients, staff, and guests listening to my music.

One evening, while serving at Shady Gove hospital, I was very fortunate to meet, Ms. Charlotte Holliday, the Founder and President of the Tacy Foundation. Ms. Holliday not only nurtured my passion for serving, but also taught me the communication skills necessary to use my musical abilities to enrich our community, and to connect with any audience with poise and sincere appreciation. Through her mentorship, my brother, Ryan Briscoe, also designed and implemented the first “Guitar Pals” at Robert Clemente MS in Fall of 2014, and taught guitar to underprivileged middle school students. I will be always grateful for the plethora of opportunities and programs that the Tacy Foundation had to offer. Ms. Holliday inspires all her volunteers and the entire community to take action and take care of as many people as possible. Ms. Holliday’s service is extraordinary and unique. She has volunteered for many years, with a true focus on giving back to people in need from all walks of life, including seniors, children, teens, service members, veterans, injured/sick, economically disadvantaged persons, and individuals who want to serve. Ms. Holliday is a true blessing not only to residents of Montgomery County but also to people in Virginia, neighboring Maryland counties, and military facilities like Fisher Houses around the country, along with Veterans Affairs Hospitals.

The skills and values gained from my association with Ms. Holliday have impacted not only my own life but also those of others as I assume the role of a caring mentor.

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