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Bringing joy to the lives of elderly at DC Healthcare Inc. Intermediate Care Facilities in Wash D.C.

Our special thanks to Mr. Arnav Kaushik for leading the Foundation’s outreach efforts at DC Healthcare Inc. For someone to take time out of their busy school schedule and volunteer to lead an effort that positively impacts elderly patients takes a whole lot of heart and dedication. We are honored to have such positive role models as part of the Arts-n-STEM 4 Hearts team. In the capacity of lead volunteer, Arnav coordinated our most recent outreach and received special acknowledgement from the DC Healthcare Inc.’s management. Arnav was instrumental in the planning, coordinating, creating, and delivering of paintings, fall theme crafts and art supplies, brain boosting puzzles, soft toys, and gourmet cookies on behalf of the Foundation.

Arnav has been part of the Foundation for over six months and is always ready to help. He takes a keen interest in serving the elderly community through interactive games, storytelling, doing crafts, and painting. He loves to learn and enjoys giving the elderly walks while engaging them in experiential based conversations. He is well trained in basic skills of working with older adults who are suffering with cognitive and physical limitations. It is amazing to have Arnav as the lead volunteer for the D.C. area nursing homes, he not only takes his responsibilities seriously, but he also enjoys them while being a positive role model for our junior volunteers. Arnav’s talents and willingness to serve have made a significant impact to the community. He always puts others before himself, which is true inspiration for us all at the Arts-n-STEM 4 Hearts Foundation. Arnav’s efforts brought joy and happiness to the elderly with intellectual and developmental disabilities at DC Healthcare. Way to go, Arnav!

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